Our Favorite Links

We hope you find the links here to be helpful and informative. We will be adding other ministries in the future, so check back.

We are all fellow servants in the army of God, no matter what we look like. God's army is growing and preparing to do battle. Won't you join us in the fight?

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>>We Care For You Ministries, Dr. Kaye Beyer

Marketplace Ministries

>> Barb Rarden, Gospel of Unemployment
>> Michael Q. Pink, Selling Among Wolfes
>> Ed Silvoso, Harvest Evangelism
>> Os Hillman, Marketplace Leaders
>> Mike Floyd Ministries
>> Visionary Advancement Strategies
>> Leaders Lighthouse
>> Connectus International

Widows Ministries

>> Widows International
>> Pawleys Island Community Church

>> He's My Husband

Healing Ministries

>> Joan Hunter Ministries


>> New Life Temple Church
>> Family Affair Ministries
>> Evann Walker Ministries