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"What One Thing would I tell Widows?" Encouraging & Inspiring Interview with Sherron Lane, a successful businesswoman and Founder of Kingdom Investors International. This is for both Widows & all those interested in Widows Ministry. (Powerful!) Courtesy of International Widows Ministry.

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What an awesome trip we had visiting the orphans in Trinidad, December 5th through the 12th.  What an honor to see God move on their behalf and allow us to participate in bringing Christmas and time with the children.  God had to move some mountains to make it all happen, but He is interested in the orphans according to James 1:27 -- "taking care of the widows and orphans is true religion" -- so we certainly had His hands moving before us!  We saw it happen in everything we did! 

As we were planning our first day, we had to trust God to know where to begin to lay the groundwork for the mission we wanted to accomplish -- to introduce the golf program for children that Paul and Greg, our visiting golf pros, lead in New York. As we trusted God intervened. He gave us the right appointments with the golf pros at the private club at St. Andrews -- that was certainly a God thing -- because Paul and Greg said they would have never gone to a private club to get the help they needed because private clubs are very closed to the programs Paul and Greg offer to the underprivileged children. Instead, God opened the door wide for discussion, strategy and planning for future opportunities for the schools involved.  It was such a God thing that we all just sat "knowing in our spirits that only He could have arranged this meeting."  It was all done perfectly as only God can do.  

Then to the schools to visit the children, to get to know them, to spend time with them. What an awesome privilege. The children took to Greg and Paul -- following them everywhere, wondering who these newcomers were and what the "golf program" was all about!  Of course, Liz they know and always surround for hugs and words of encouragement.  I was the one who stood in awe to see the love they give and the love they need...and here we were, sent on the mission to love them and share their lives for the week.  We worked all day to prepare for the Christmas Party on Thursday evening -- with Liz bringing a Santa in a big stuffed chair that the children fell in love with. They were just like our children, excited and anticipating the Christmas time of sharing and receiving gifts gathered for all of them, from tots to teens.  It was amazing and overwhelming to see the gratitude they expressed with each hug and smile!  God surely has filled their hearts with love and we were His extension sent to love them!   

 What greater gift to be given, than to go and love children that do not know the blessings we tend to take for granted. We were all changed and challenged to know we are blessed beyond measure -- even if we just wake up in our homes with our needs met, family all around us, health to enjoy freely the blessings that surround most of us and most of all experience the love of Christ every day in our lives. I am so thankful to each of you for your prayers and support to make this trip possible -- for the teamwork we share in Trinidad and the new connections made to carry out God's purposes in the earth.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you, for sharing this year with us, and I pray God will bless you in ways you have not yet seen during this beautiful Christmas Season.  You have added to my life this year and to the team that went to Trinidad. We felt the prayers and the connections even though we were all in separate places. So, thank you and be blessed in all you do!  

Serving Him together.
love and peace,